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Three-phase Energy Three Phase Energy Meter Alarm Lights What Causes The Light

Home intelligent Three Phase Energy Meter alarm light may be a long Three Phase Energy Meter is a problem, there may be electricity does not meet the standards.

Alarm for many reasons: lack of phase, loss of pressure, reverse order, battery alarm, etc., of course, do not rule out the Three Phase Energy Meter reasons, and sometimes the alarm lights that piece of the circuit there will be a problem that the alarm light is still bright.

1, first of all to correctly distinguish between the Three Phase Energy Meter light display, is the role of alarm or live display.

2, if it is the role of the alarm light, then that there is a fault, the need to eliminate the failure, will go out, which generally requires manual intervention. Such as arrears, battery undervoltage, remote control system action, lack of phase, loss of pressure, etc., if it is arrears, the need to pay electricity; if the battery undervoltage, need to replace the battery; if the remote control system action, Loss of pressure, etc., need to call the power sector repair service phone to solve.

3, if the role of live light is lit, then as long as there is power, the light will always be lit or has been cyclical flash, this is a normal display, can be ignored.