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Three Phase Energy Meter Installation For

Three Phase Energy Meter is used to measure the power output (or load consumption) of the three-phase AC circuit. It works exactly the same as a single-phase watt-hour meter, but in the structure of the use of multiple sets of drive components and fixed on the axis of the aluminum plate on the way to achieve the three-phase power measurement.

Three Phase Energy Meter in full compliance with the standard standard DL / T645-1997 and GB GB / T17215-1998 1 or 2 single-phase related technical requirements; with good reliability, small size, 35mmDIN standard installation and other characteristics; and Has a good anti-electromagnetic interference, low power consumption, high precision, high overload, high stability, anti-tampering, long life.

According to the nature of the measured power, Three Phase Energy Meter can be divided into active power meter and reactive power meter; due to the three-phase circuit wiring form, there are three-phase three-wire system and three-phase four-line system.

Three Phase Energy Meter for measuring the rated frequency of 50Hz or 60Hz three-phase four-wire AC active energy. For fixed installation in the indoor use, suitable for the environment, and the air does not contain corrosive gases and to avoid dust, mold, salt spray, condensation, insects and other effects.


1, the energy meter in the factory before the test qualified, and sealed seal, you can install the use. For lead-free or stored for too long time the energy meter should be re-inspected by the relevant departments before they can be installed.

2, the energy meter removed from the original box found in the packaging or shell damage, do not install the power meter, power, please contact the technical services department of the company.

3, the installation of energy meter to be experienced electricians or professionals, and to confirm the completion of this manual.

4, the energy meter should be installed in the indoor ventilation and dry place, can be used to install a variety of ways; 35mmDIN standard rail installation or plate before the fixed installation.

5, in a dirty and may damage the body of the place, the energy meter should be installed in the protection cabinet.

6, the installation of wiring should be in accordance with the end of the power meter on the wiring diagram or the corresponding wiring diagram on the wiring diagram.