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Three - Phase Electronic Electronic Energy Meter Installation Requirements

1, the measurement point should be located in the property boundary, the installation point can not be corrosive around the gas and strong shock vibration, the environment to be ventilated and dry, electronic energy meter operating temperature can not exceed 50 ℃.

2, electronic energy meter installed in a dedicated measuring cabinet or table box, the installation height to meet the specifications, installed in the measuring cabinet electronic energy meter its bottom from the ground can not be less than 1 m, hanging table box installed electronic energy meter Its lower ground from the ground can not be less than 1.8 m.

3, the electronic energy meter vertical installation and to be fixed and reliable, the current transformer secondary circuit should be 4 square mm copper insulated wire; voltage circuit should be used 2.5 square mm copper insulated wire; Current, voltage between the circuit should be connected with a joint junction box to facilitate the electronic energy meter on-site calibration wiring and metering fault handling.

4, the phase current, the voltage transformer must use the same specifications of the product, the circuit wiring phase sequence and polarity to be correct, the connection points to be tight and reliable, the transformer and electronic energy meter should be installed together in the measurement cabinet or table box Inside, and do a good job tampering measures.

5, for remote telemetry sampling electronic electronic energy meter, the signal line should be shielded twisted pair wire, set up the signal line shielded wire will be single-ended ground to improve the reliability of communication.

6, where the metal structure of the measuring cabinet, table box and high voltage transformer shell must be reliable grounding, grounding wire to use copper wire, the diameter can not be less than 2.5 square millimeters.