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The Meter Enclosure Should Keep Up With The Pace Of Power Reform

We all know that electricity has been reform, more and more intelligent let us overwhelmed! No progress can not survive, in order to keep up with the pace of electricity, our company has been carefully developed a new Meter Enclosure products, including Nt series of anti-tamper Meter Enclosure products more and more people of all ages!

Ten years of international power system reform path shows that the fundamental purpose of power reform is to enhance power generation efficiency and reduce electricity costs. And through the power system reform to enhance the economic efficiency of electricity, is a need to complete the system engineering. Its core content is to optimize the scheduling strategy, the formation of the correct Internet price development mechanism.

The optimization of the scheduling strategy can be achieved through the market competition reform, relying on the market mechanism, the market price formed by the two-way auction. It can also be realized through the construction of the auction platform by the grid operator after the separation of the plant network. Power system, through the optimization of scheduling strategies to achieve. In any case, adjust the power dispatch mechanism, the formation of the correct price mechanism is the premise, not the improvement of these two work, other reform measures are difficult to achieve the purpose of enhancing the economic efficiency of electricity. And this need to strengthen the power grid in the process of power dispatching information collection, transmission management and economic analysis capabilities, strengthen the monitoring and management of the power market capacity.

Since the realization of power dispatch optimization, then, for the optimization of the role of the Meter Enclosure is also essential! Therefore, the current Meter Enclosure compared with the previous, both in terms of functional performance or energy-saving are greatly improved.