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The Application Of Electronic Energy Meter

Electronic energy meter is also known as the static energy meter, is a rapid development in recent years, a new type of energy meter, with the power market economic development needs, as well as the development of microelectronics technology, electronic energy meter with its Unique function, in the power production automation, energy metering intelligent and power management has been widely used, and the demand is getting higher and higher. In order to correctly measure the energy and reasonable charges, electronic energy meter plays a very important role.

Electronic energy meter is a working principle and the traditional induction energy meter is completely different from the new energy meter, with the development of electronic technology, improve the quality of electronic components, some domestic and foreign production of single-phase, three-phase power Table has been gradually used to promote. In the use of not only gradually changed the "electronic energy meter unreliable, unstable," the old concept, but also shows the performance of electronic energy meter and many of the advantages. Now the commonly used induction meter due to its working principle and manufacturing process, manufacturing materials and other aspects of the constraints, in reducing the table power consumption, improve the accuracy of the table and the function of the development table is limited. And electronic energy meter in these areas have obvious advantages.

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