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Smart Metering Market In China Has Great Potential

China is energy meter-producing country, current induction type energy meter, electronic Watt-hour meter and intelligent energy meter and other major products have been at or near the technical standards in developed countries, production and research and development capabilities have also been able to meet the different needs of the international market and price advantages, with strong competitiveness in the international market. Instrument industry association, in 2012 the domestic total output reached 110 million, including smart meters holds half share.

Smart meters are important components of smart power, is the interactive smart power "end of nerves", support bi-directional measurement, automatic acquisition, ladder, tou price, freezing, controlling, monitoring and other functions. In addition, the smart meter users can also provide a lot of power services, including distributed power measurement, interactive services, smart home, intelligence community, and so on.

At present, the national grid has been bidding procurement for smart meters for many years in a row. The second half of 2009 to the first half of 2013, conducted a total of 16 times by the national grid smart meter tender, the tender combined reached 233 million smart meters.

Forward industry Institute of the China 2013-2017 smart metering industry development and investment analysis report, 2012 smart meter chip shipments reached 57.339 million, an increase of 56.6% power carrier chip market reached 770 million Yuan, an increase of 45.5%. This growth stems from April 2012 the Government began large-scale investment in infrastructure construction, as well as the fully implemented in July stepped pricing system. IOT home automation, smart security, broadband network applications such as the progressive promotion, the demand for smart meters will speed growth. Smart meter procurement activities are expected to maintain a growth momentum over the next three years to install speed will be accelerated.

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