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Single Phase Meter How To Steal Electricity

At present, the most widely used energy meter for single phase meter and three-phase meter, especially single phase meter, most of the residential table is single-phase, single phase meter stealing method, I believe many of my friends would like to know, Xiaobian remind you to steal electricity is illegal, then, for you a brief introduction to how to connect the single phase meter steal, only for your reference, growth knowledge.

First, single phase meter stealing method

1 and 2 in the import and export connections can save power? The


The meter has a seal, you open the seal to open the lid to wire. Seal destroyed to be caught; do not move 3,4 two lines move is useless.

1 is the FireWire input, 2 is the FireWire output, with a short-term is not easy to be found in the 1,2 connection, the meter does not go!

Will be two pairs of two lines, the line of fire input 2, the output then 1, the meter will be reversed, power supply bureau to turn over to pay you!

Second, the home appliance wiring diagram

General home and the meter's four terminals: from left to right 1 line of fire into the 2 fire line out 3 zero line into the 4 line out, but my rental meter in a fire line into, 3 zero line into the wiring The column received three lines, the rest of the received a line, and the front of the fuse is also replaced by 3MM copper wire, so I would like to ask this is not someone else in stealing electricity?

The end of the landlord electricity charges, told me this month with 116 degrees electricity. From: Electrical Technology House

Household appliances only: Induction Cooker, a rice cooker, 800W Soymilk one, 20W fluorescent one.


1; 3 is the meter into the line, 2; 4 is the meter outlet is the load. 2; 4 is the electricity consumption of electricity meter. 1; 3 how many lines will not affect the meter. As long as 2; 4 no other line on the line.

Calculation formula:

Electrical power / 1000 × the number of minutes of electricity / 60 = the number of electricity used

Such as your rice cooker 800W, you spent 35 minutes to do rice, then:

Electricity consumption = 800/1000 × 35/60 = 0.46 kWh

If you have other appliances also use this method to calculate, compare the results of the calculation and the actual payment of electricity, you can determine whether someone steal the electricity.

If you can say yes, no stealing electricity

Induction cooker a 1.5kw day 1.5h 1.5 * 1.5 * 30 equal to 67.5kw / h

Rice cooker a 0.8kw day 1.0h 0.8 * 1.0 * 30 equals 24.0kw / h

Soymilk a 0.8kw day (1.0h) 0.8 * 1.0 * 30 equals 24.0kw / h

Fluorescent lamp One 0.02kw day 4.0h 0.02 * 4.0 * 30 equals 2.4kw / h

Total 67.5 + 24.0 + 24.0 + 2.4 = 117.9kw / h (degrees)

Detection method:

In the peak of the electricity to turn off your home's total gate, look at the meter also turn turn.

The fuse before the meter is also replaced by the 3MM copper wire is too dangerous, it is recommended to use lead fuse.

Single phase meter 1 3 into 2 4 out as long as the 24's line to your house, no other line is not wrong your power is through the table

Not stealing electricity, because the line is not counted, there should be other meters from you here by electricity. The line should be more out of the line should be received on the line into the line, or received other public electricity on, as long as your home appliance outlet only a group of lines on the right, The table.

No, if someone steals the electricity, then he picks the line to the outlet, and now it is not through your meter, before your meter.