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Single Phase Energy Meter Types

There are many types of Single Phase Energy Meter, according to different classification can be divided into different types, today Xiaobian introduced by the working principle to divide the induction, electronic and electromechanical three types of Single Phase Energy Meter.

Induction energy meter is the use of electromagnetic induction principle of the voltage, current, phase into a magnetic moment, to promote the rotation of the aluminum disc, disc shaft (worm) drive gear drive the drum of the drum rotation, Is the amount of time to accumulate the process. Therefore, the benefits of induction-type energy meter is intuitive, dynamic continuous, power loss without losing data.

Electronic energy meter using analog or digital circuit to get the product of voltage and current vector, and then through the analog or digital circuit to achieve energy metering function. As a result of the application of digital technology, time-sharing power meter, pre-paid energy meter, multi-user power meter, multi-function energy meter have debut, to further meet the scientific electricity, reasonable demand for electricity.

Electromechanical energy meter is an induction energy meter as a base table, the principle of the pulse through the electronic circuit to measure the energy meter.

We know that the watt-hour meter is the use of voltage and current coil in the aluminum plate on the eddy current and alternating magnetic flux interaction to produce electromagnetic force, so that the aluminum plate rotation, while the introduction of braking torque, so that the aluminum plate speed and load power is proportional , Through the axial gear drive, calculated by the counter to calculate the number of revolutions and determine the power. Therefore, the main structure of the power meter is composed of voltage coil, current coil, turntable, shaft, brake magnet, gear, meter and so on.

Single Phase Energy Meter, it is generally civil, then 22V equipment

This is normal, popular point: because your boss home power consumption, only 220V power supply is not enough, so the installation of the 380V power supply, there are three FireWire (also known as three-phase), FireWire and FireWire is 380V, But any one line of fire and the zero line are 220V, that is, your boss installed three 220V power supply at home, I do not know that did not understand. (Line of people to this power supply will be described as 380V power supply)