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Single-phase Electronic Energy Meter, New Technology And New Experience!

Single-phase electronic energy meter is through the user's supply voltage and current real-time sampling, the use of a dedicated energy meter integrated circuit, the sampling voltage and current signal processing, and multiplied into electricity and proportional to the pulse output, Or digital display shows the material power equipment. This energy meter is powerful, easy to spread, an electronic energy meter is equivalent to a few induction-type energy meter, such as a full-featured electronic multi-function table is equivalent to two positive active table, and can achieve time-sharing Measurement, data automatically read and other functions, while the number of meter reduction, effectively reducing the secondary circuit voltage drop, to enhance the accuracy of the entire measurement device and reliability.

Now there are many types of energy meter on the market, including rail-type energy meter, three-phase electronic energy meter, consumers can use the specific needs of the purchase. Electronic energy meter start-up current is small, and the error curve is flat, the frequency response range is wide, induction type energy meter is based on the principle of moving into the magnetic field measurement, so the external magnetic field on the meter measurement performance impact, The electronic energy meter mainly rely on the multiplier to operate, the measurement performance by the external magnetic field is less affected, easy to install and use, overload capacity, anti-eavesdropping ability more.