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Remote Meter Is A Meter Is The Future Development Trends

Remote meter reading and monitoring system is an integrated suite of the latest computer technology, network technology, communication technology and automatic measurement and automatic control technology and integrated network management system.
This system is through 485 bus or GPRS mobile communications network will instrument data transfer to Management Center computer of a copy table monitoring way, it not only save has large of human material, also avoid manual copy brings errors, while also greatly speed up has data analysis of speed; it and other copy table way compared, has construction, and run cost low, network stable, group network simple, real-time sex strong, advantages.
Remote meter-485 bus or GPRS communication terminals of the scheduled field instruments collect data via signal lines or upload the mobile communication network management center computers.
Data analysis system based on analysis of data upload, automatically generate a variety of reports and draw curves or bar charts, managers can grasp the user's energy consumption for the production, management, fees and provide timely and reliable information for decision-making.
Loss management system will automatically calculate the loss or loss in his possession, for monitoring line matrix and gauge the difference more than the loss of range, the system will alarm, place the check drain plug to facilitate management.