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Prepaid Meters For Measurement In The Coming Years Will Be The Market Growth

Prepaid energy meter is also known as quantitative meter, IC card Watt-hour meter, in addition to the functions of General Watt-hour measurements, users should first buy, buy power to electricity, if the end user does not continue after the purchase is automatically cut off the power cutback.
The past 20 years, prepaid products and services has become a growth industry. According to United States Northeast Group's new study, market research firm, electricity will be the next growth market for prepaid products, public-sector investment in the next 10 year, $ 11.4 billion worldwide prepaid meters for metering.
Utilities around the world are working hard to reduce the unpaid bills of bad debts and theft of electricity, while encouraging customers to conserve electricity and efficient budgeting. Public institutions are deployed in two different types of prepaid meters. First is prepaid meters for a communications class, usually with a smart card or a key code; the second is communications smart meters, prepaid fees and software systems.