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Power Transformer Of These Knowledge Points

Power transformer is one of the key equipment in the power system, it is responsible for voltage conversion, power distribution and transmission functions, power transmission system which is the most critical link. Its health level and health conditions directly affect the safe operation of the entire power system, power transformer failure not only affect the power transmission capacity, and even may cause large-scale power system power outages, to the national economy and people's daily life huge loss. Therefore, efforts to improve the transformer operation and maintenance and technical management level, reduce the probability of transformer failure, power system is an urgent need to solve the problem.

As the transformer in the course of running a lot of heat generated, if the heat can not be effectively and timely out, will make the transformer body temperature is too high to cause serious damage to the body and then affect the entire power transmission and distribution of the normal operation. Air-cooled control cabinet by controlling the transformer cooling system fan and pump operation to achieve rapid and efficient reduction of the transformer body temperature effect, is a large power transformer indispensable auxiliary control system.

In the use of power transformers during the need for regular maintenance; Similarly, the power transformer in the idle when there are many considerations. Power transformer idle for too long, running too long or other natural human factors, resulting in power transformer insulation down, internal water or oil deterioration and other phenomena, this time must be on the reactor for oil and drying.

Here we Longxiang electrical professional production of electric dry-type transformers manufacturers to introduce you:

First, the power transformer oil change

First hanging out of the body, put the net dirty oil and wash the fuel tank, such as the body of the oil should also be washed red. Until the body after drying into the new oil, replace all oil-resistant rubber seals. After the test qualified to run the network.

Second, the power transformer drying

Body drying method more. User self-drying can be zero phase sequence drying method, eddy current drying method, short circuit drying method, oven drying method. For larger capacity and voltage of 35 kV pole of the power transformer, it is best to send manufacturers to vacuum drying. This will ensure that the power transformer insulation dry thoroughly, without insulation aging.