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Power Transformer Coil Stripping How To Do?

1, the power transformer coil stripping prohibited when the fan blown with the body to prevent the impact of fission. Be sure to clean all the copper inside the material, to avoid affecting the power transformer test, misdiagnosed as coil turns deviation, DC resistance imbalance or decapitated failure.

2, the panel fastening screw as the casting material after the invasion and difficult to remove, can not be hard to prevent the screw break. Demolition of power transformer mold can not use dirty gloves to help mold removal. Because the coil temperature is higher than 100 ℃, the winding has not yet fully cured, dirty contact with the coil after leaving the spot, affecting the appearance of the coil, found the end of the power transformer coil has a local long strip uncured phenomenon, do not touch, do not Clear.

3, remove the power transformer when the external die do not pull hard pull, and to check the coil surface is flawed. There are parts of the defect immediately check the corresponding parts of the external mold and be treated to avoid the next re-emergence of a similar situation.

A power transformer is a static electrical device that is used to turn a certain value of the AC voltage into another or several different values of the same voltage.

Power transformers are one of the main equipment for power plants and substations. The role of the transformer is not only able to raise the voltage to the electricity area, but also to reduce the voltage for the use of voltage at all levels to meet the needs of electricity. In short, the boost and buck must be done by the transformer. In the process of power transmission of the power system, there will be two parts of the voltage and power loss, the same power in the transmission voltage and voltage inversely proportional to the power loss and voltage inversely proportional to the square. The use of transformers to improve the voltage and reduce the transmission loss.

1, the transformer shell should be reliably grounded, the work of the neutral line and neutral ground wire should be laid separately, the work of the zero line can not be buried underground.

2, the transformer neutral ground circuit, near the transformer, should be made of detachable connecting bolts.

3, with the valve-type arrester transformer grounding should meet the requirements of the Trinity; that is, transformer neutral point, transformer shell, lightning arrester grounding should be connected to a common ground.

4, grounding resistance should be ≤ 4 ohms.