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Note The Details Of The Installation Of The Meter Enclosure

Meter Enclosure this product, already into the daily life of people, can be described as well known. Although most of the friends know that the Meter Enclosure this product, but few friends really understand the Meter Enclosure of this product, for example, "Meter Enclosure installation of the entry and exit need to pay attention to what details" believe, or a considerable number of friends do not Understand, here Nantong Electric - Meter Enclosure manufacturers for everyone to explain the details of the installation of the Meter Enclosure into the line Note:

1. Each wiring wiring of the insulated copper wire is not less than 4mm2, RS485 circuit wire should not be less than 0.5mm2.

2. Multi-epitope measurement box of the energy meter neutral line should be sub-table installation, shall not be shared.

3. Measuring box should be insulated flame retardant wire, the color should be: phase line for the yellow and green three colors; zero line for the black; PE line for the yellow and green color line.

4. Feeding unit creepage distance greater than 12mm, electrical spacing greater than 10mm, outlet unit creepage distance greater than 8mm.

5. The auxiliary terminal for the collector should be configured in the inlet switch room.

6. Metering box also uses trunking wiring, separate access line, wiring design is reasonable, process clearance.

7. Each epitope should be numbered, should be in the meter out of the line into the line to set the "property boundary point" logo.

Meter Enclosure installation details of the entry and exit lines need to be noted that common sense, which we need to remember. Although we do not need to do it yourself, understand the knowledge of the Meter Enclosure, enrich your own brain is also good. At least in a friend chat to talk to this topic we will not be so embarrassing, you say right?

The company developed the NT series of transparent plastic Meter Enclosure, the use of imported polycarbonate (PC) and flame-retardant ABS engineering plastics made. It has the advantages of impact resistance, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, high transparency, anti-ultraviolet light, easy installation and so on, and has the functions of electrical safety protection, user separation control, data acquisition and anti-theft. Products suitable for the installation of electronic, mechanical, intelligent IC card prepaid, intelligent multi-rate meter. Nanteng NT series of transparent plastic Meter Enclosure since the introduction of the market, with its perfect design concept, in the Meter Enclosure industry ahead.