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Intelligent Remote Meter-features

Intelligent remote meter reading via the Internet and connected to a power supply Bureau fee system, realize the integration of meter. Calcium carbide, lime, coal, cement, steel, oil, coking and other high energy-consuming industries and gradually towards comprehensive development, the Ribbon complex, building large scale, advanced systems and electrical equipment also appear in large numbers, the changes and development on the security of energy supply systems, reliability, energy efficiency and ease of maintenance put forward higher requirements. Now this remote meter reading system on the market and into the remote meter reading system, intelligent remote meter reading, wireless remote meter, automatic meter reading, and so on.

Intelligent remote meter reading system based on GPRS networks, realize the metering automation, accurate. Power control center to industrial users of electrical and mechanical equipment operating status can be monitored by electronic displays, each monitoring point power status in the form of GPRS and timely transmission to the control center, which can be automated, efficient and timely grasp of mechanical and electrical equipment, automatic generation of distribution plans, carry out scientific and management of electric power marketing. This overcomes the previous manual meter reading accuracy, time and effort, the lack of focus on effective management of defects, solve the worries.