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How To Look At The Single Phase Energy Meter

Now every household has installed a meter, the meter has reached a universal state, of which the home meter to Single Phase Energy Meter mostly. Whether it is old-fashioned Single Phase Energy Meter, or a new smart table, I believe there are a lot of people for us to see the power or have some doubt, this article on the Single Phase Energy Meter how to look at electricity a few common meter for a detailed explanation.

(1) how to look at the electricity meter?

The general straight-through Single Phase Energy Meter can read the number directly, minus the previous reading for this stage of electricity.

(2) Three Phase Energy Meter how to see electricity?

Three Phase Energy Meter connected by the current transformer connected to the Three Phase Energy Meter, the meter wiring has 10 wiring, to observe the current transformer connected current ratio, the current transformer brand name, are a number than 5 marked , Such as 100/5 150/5, etc., read the number on the meter multiplied by the current ratio is the amount of electricity measurement, but also with the damage and loss of precision.

(3) how to see the single-phase electricity meter?

Single Phase Energy Meter measurement of Three Phase Energy Meter power consumption, power reading method is straight into the way to connect the meter, read the number on the meter multiplied by 3, if the transformer connected to the meter to read the meter multiplied by the transformer Multiply the current multiplication by 3.

(4) smart meter how to see electricity?

Smart meter only a LCD screen, if it is a single phase which will directly show the total amount of electricity and the remaining power, direct reading can be. If it is IC card meter, only the LED display is a single graphics card table, that meter will have a small red dot on top. The red dots jump to the total where there is always used, jump to the remaining there is the remaining. Dual graphics card table, read above or below can be.