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How To Buy Single-phase Electronic Energy Meter?

As the electronic energy meter than the induction energy meter with high accuracy, low power consumption, starting current is small, wide load range, no mechanical wear and many other advantages, more and more widely used.

However, the current market, many types of electronic energy meter manufacturers, the quality of uneven, poor choice, not only can not play the advantages of electronic energy meter, but will bring undue loss and increase the workload of maintenance and management.

Electronic energy meter and we are familiar with the induction type energy meter (commonly known as mechanical watches), both the same place, there are not the same place, and different places more, especially the internal table, induction meter is the use of electricity Magnetic induction components, which is the core, iron and mechanical transmission device; and electronic energy meter is mainly used in electronic components, namely: resistance, capacitance and integrated circuits.

Therefore, according to the electronic energy meter to this feature to choose. In other words to the technical requirements of electronic equipment to choose, and can not simply copy the previous selection of mechanical energy meter technical requirements to choose electronic energy meter (of course, there are also available for reference). Now we are in the work experience, talk about single-phase electronic energy meter purchase, for the relevant staff reference.

First, check the manufacturer must have the basic technical conditions

The energy meter is a national compulsory inspection and measurement equipment, according to the provisions of the measurement method, the selected energy meter must have the provincial technical supervision bureau issued by the manufacturing measurement equipment permits (CMC card). This is the energy meter manufacturers must have the conditions and must fulfill the legal procedures. It can prove that manufacturers have the basic facilities, personnel and testing equipment, is the production and sales of products.

But in the current market competition in the case of power supply enterprises have greater choice.

Therefore, you can also compare the other documents to prove the quality of the document. Such as: the authority of the department's identification report, life test report, was included in the State Economic and Trade Commission, "the national urban and rural power grid construction and transformation of equipment and production enterprises recommended directory", ISO9000 quality certification and so on. These are important documents to prove the quality of the product.

As the manufacturers of highly competitive prices, according to the experience alone with these documents is not enough, can only prove that there can be selected basis. The next step will be based on the performance characteristics of electronic energy meter, the national inspection procedures, to the local grid and climate of the actual situation of the manufacturers to test the energy meter in kind.

Second, the energy meter to test

On the manufacturers sent the meter to check the physical, mainly from the following aspects. Namely: mechanical requirements, can adapt to the climatic conditions, electrical requirements, electromagnetic compatibility, accuracy requirements of these five aspects. These five aspects in the national standard "1 and 2 static AC active energy meter" (GB / T17215-1998) are clearly defined.

Electronic energy meter in the provisions of the load range, the general linearity are better, but different manufacturers of the table actually accurate measurement of the load range is very different, because the actual load current is constantly changing, can accurately measure the load The wider the range, the better the load performance of the table.

In some areas of rural power grid voltage fluctuations are relatively large. Should pay attention to check the voltage fluctuation limit case, the energy meter error.

Especially when the low voltage voltage error and power meter to see the word is strong, check the table DC power supply voltage can not be reduced to the meter and chip operating voltage below the DC power ripple can not be significantly increased.

Accuracy requirements include, for example, harmonics, external magnetic induction, high frequency electromagnetic fields, and the like. Generally municipal and county-level power supply enterprises do not have the conditions of inspection, you can ask the provincial power test by the test.