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Energy - Saving Power Transformer Technology Background And Economic Benefits

The power transformer core is also an important component of the power transformer, which is stacked by a highly conductive silicon steel sheet, then clamped with a steel clip or tied with a glass ribbon.

1, silicon steel sheet

Power transformer silicon steel sheet is 0.3 ~ 0.5mm thick cold gadolinium silicon steel, the current domestic only Wuhan Iron and Steel Plant and Shanghai Baosteel can produce this cold gadolinium silicon steel. However, large-scale transformer silicon steel sheet also imported from Japan.

2, the structure of the power transformer core

(1) single-phase two-column iron core for a variety of single-phase transformers.

(2) single-phase column side yoke core, for high-voltage large-capacity single-phase transformer.

(3) single-phase two-column yoke core, for high-pressure and high-voltage high-capacity single-phase transformer.

(4) three-phase three-column is the core, for a variety of three-phase transformer.

(5) five-column iron core, for large-capacity three-phase transformer.

For most enterprises, energy-saving power transformers will bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, the following to 1000KVA energy-saving power transformer as an example for analysis:

1000KVA ordinary power transformer load rate of 60%, or 600KVA, of which half of the dynamic load, half of the lighting load, the lighting load power of 300KW (assuming the power factor> 0.9). If a business (shopping malls, supermarkets, hotels, hotels, office buildings, etc.) daily electricity 10 hours, commercial electricity by 1 yuan / kWh, the daily cost of electricity for the enterprise: 300KW × 10 hours × 1 yuan / kWh = $ 3,000.

Now use energy-saving power transformers, other electricity conditions unchanged, according to the minimum energy-saving system 10% of the system, the company's daily savings cost: 3,000 yuan × 10% = 300 yuan.

1000KVA ordinary dry-type power transformer price of about 30 million, 1000KVA energy-saving dry-type power transformer price set at 350,000 yuan, although the price is high 50,000 yuan, but the annual savings of electricity: 300 yuan × 365 days = 109500 yuan The

Three years of electricity savings can buy an energy-saving dry-type power transformers, power transformers can be used for decades, the cost of savings is how much?

This measurement has not yet considered the inevitable trend of rising electricity prices; and the use of energy-saving power transformers, the lamp life greatly extended, reducing the replacement of lighting and maintenance costs. Can be seen, energy-saving power transformers to the economic benefits of the enterprise is very impressive.