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Do You Know When The Meter Enclosure Is In Fire?

Hot summer, electricity for everyone is very important, as for the reasons that we will not understand! No electricity no fan fan, let alone air conditioning! But if the home of the electrical equipment installed fire, electricity can be safe home? Today we are talking about a common and important member of the electrical equipment - Meter Enclosure.

The Meter Enclosure will be used in people's family, the role is also very important, when the staff in the installation of the Meter Enclosure will pay special attention to the Meter Enclosure circuit and height, so as to avoid danger. But the Meter Enclosure after a long period of time if you usually do not pay attention to maintenance, then there may be dangerous, such as electricity overload is likely to lead to fire, etc., this time we should do? The following force to explain the small Xiaobian.

When the Meter Enclosure is too high, especially in the summer, the temperature is hot, it will cause the Meter Enclosure of fire, this time do not panic, to stay away from the Meter Enclosure, to avoid personal injury, and then immediately cut off the power, with dry powder or Gas extinguisher for fire fighting.

If the power is not cut off in time, must not directly sprinkle water to prevent fire or electrical explosion wounding, causing the second danger. So in peacetime should pay special attention to the maintenance of the Meter Enclosure to avoid excessive electricity consumption.

According to the survey results show that more and more frequent causes of fire accidents are mostly because the circuit is too large current caused by the Meter Enclosure fire to cause serious fire. The use of card-type Meter Enclosure is more convenient, and its work is to rely on people to control the card. Its insulation effect is better, it has corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, waterproof and other properties. It is mainly applied to schools, school students can use the electric card charge and then charge the charge of the electric card into the Meter Enclosure to charge the electricity charge. This can strengthen the school management of student electricity situation.

For some transparent Meter Enclosure, this product is made of imported polycarbonate (PC) and imported flame-retardant ABS engineering plastics, with easy management, small size, light weight, anti-tampering, anti-ultraviolet and so on. Its main feature is a transparent feature, which can make people more convenient to observe the use of electricity and some circuit problems. Such as the setting of the box is much less of the fire in China. This style of design is not only more convenient than other models of the box and more than the other box box more secure. So Mai Feng only transparent Meter Enclosure as the company's flagship product, quality, price will make you heart.