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Comparison Of Performance Of Electronic Energy Meter And Induction Energy Meter

1, power consumption and start test comparison

According to GB / T17215-98 under the conditions of reference, through the machine power test and start test can be obtained Electronic energy meter power consumption is usually one-third of the induction energy meter; electronic energy meter due to the use of The principle of the electronic circuit makes the starting power is only one tenth of the induction energy meter up and down and the sensitivity can be done higher. So the smaller power consumption and good starting power sensitivity to the fair charge of electricity and reduce the distribution line loss has a positive effect.

2, the error of contrast

In the range of 5% Ib-400% Ib measuring the error of two single-phase watt-hour meter, we found that:

(1) electronic meter error is small, inductive meter error changes.

(2) low load, the electronic energy meter error bias, induction meter and a large negative error.

3, the impact of changes in power supply technology on the error

We have done the voltage, frequency, power factor, harmonic changes and other indicators of the impact of the table on the experiment. From the comparison experiment can be seen:

(1) induction energy meter in the low voltage error error, high voltage error bias.

(2) Inductive energy meter error in the inductive load error, capacitive load error.

(3) Harmonics have a great influence on the error of the watt-hour meter, and three times, five times and seven harmonics have a great influence on the meter error. When the user sends out the harmonics to the grid, the error of the induction meter is correct, and the change is obvious; the error of the electronic energy meter is negative, but the error is better than that of the harmonic user and the non-harmonic user in contrast.

In short, the voltage, frequency, power factor and harmonic changes, the impact of electronic meter error is less impact on the induction meter. At the same time from the experimental data and load linear comparison can be clearly seen, the Electronic energy meter is better linear, error adjustment is easy, and induction meter due to electromagnetic induction and structure of the reasons, the work of a narrow linear, and because of The interaction between the components, the error data between the load points of the larger gap, making it difficult to adjust at the same time to meet the requirements of each load point.

4, life contrast

Induction Electronic energy meter due to component wear, dust, electromagnetic properties and other effects, put into operation a few years later, the error gradually increased, and are negative errors, need to re-adjust, calibration; due to various properties have become Poor, to reach 10 years of life is difficult, maintenance workload is also large.

Electronic instrument as the impact of its life is mainly electronic components, manufacturers as long as the strict control of the source of components purchased, strict screening of components, strict monitoring of the production process and production process can guarantee the reliability and service life of electronic energy meter.