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Card Meter Development Prospects And Advantages

Although IC card meters in technology aspects also exists some problem, its development and application of process in the also encountered has is big resistance, but its proposed of meters development direction and in solution electricity arrears problem aspects of advantages is makes its market needs constantly increases. so, as long as IC card meters of technology defects and raised of social problem can to properly solution, its development prospects also is very light of.
IC card meter the main technical defects that have a slot open to users, thus prone to attacks, and non-contact IC cards (also known as radio frequency card) has solved this problem.
Non-contact type IC card is abroad in recent years development up of technology, it success to will RF recognition technology and IC card technology combined up, solution free source and from contact problem. RF card without specifically of power power; it and read and write device between no mechanical contact, avoid has contact fault; it of surface no bare chip, can waterproof, and easily produced static shock empty and the bent damaged, problem; RF card using anyway, non-contact type IC card has reliability high, and using convenient, and operation speed fast, features.