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Card IC Card Electric Meter With Prepay Features And Benefits

1, alarm function: when the watt-hour meter in the remaining power alarm power less than or equal to 1 o'clock, LCD displays "call the police" characters and flashing alarm light is to remind the user to purchase in a timely manner, user load is still functioning at this time. When remaining capacity less than or equal to the alarm of the table are 2 o'clock, relay trip, the second time forced to remind users to purchase electricity, plug-in user card or secondary electrical closing after 5 minutes, the user can continue to use electricity. In the energy meter, when remaining capacity is zero, the automatic tripping of the relay within the table, cut off the electricity user load, users purchasing power meter must be given in order to restore electricity.
2, the overdraft function: when the overdraft charge is set (overdraft charge by the power management setting), the remaining capacity in the table to 0 o'clock, meter relay tripping, insert user successors electrical closed, users may invest part of the zero charge (negative energy), when the zero charge (negative charge) is greater than, equal to, when the overdraft charge, energy meter will automatically tripped again. After users purchasing electric energy meter must be given in order to restore electricity.
3,-power record: remaining capacity decrease with the increase of electricity, if the remaining capacity is zero but the relay fails is not disconnected, the continued use of power record for negative energy. Once again paying after purchase, automatic deduction of negative charge in the table.