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Electronic Single Phase Energy Meter Electronic Measurement Module Of The Three Parts

Electronic single phase energy meter with Chinese-made liquid crystal display, with active energy measurement, time-sharing measurement, far infrared communication, power line carrier communication, remote control power transmission and meter reading date automatic freeze and other functions.

Electronic single phase energy meter is mainly used to measure low-voltage network of single-phase active energy, and can measure the voltage, current, power and other electrical parameters, and with communication and prepaid functions, user-friendly monitoring, Fee management. Products with high precision, small size, easy installation and so on. Can be flexibly installed in the distribution box, to achieve different regions and different loads of electricity metering, statistics and analysis.

Electronic single phase energy meter electronic measurement module of the three parts:

The first part: voltage and current input circuit, is the measured power and current through the voltage divider and transformer are suitable for electronic energy meter multiplier required for the small voltage required to the multiplier.

Part II: Multiplier. A multiplier is a device used to multiply two charges (such as voltage, current). From the principle of all-electronic energy meter can be seen, the multiplier is the core of all-electronic energy meter, its accuracy directly affects the accuracy of the energy meter. Depending on the multiplier used, the all-electronic meter can be divided into steps. Multiplier mainly analog multiplier and digital multiplier two categories. Analog multiplier and transistor array square multiplier, thermocouple multiplier, logarithmic multiplicative multiplier, variable transconductance multiplier, double oblique integral multiplier, Hall effect multiplier, time division multiplier, etc. Variety. Digital multiplier is based on the microprocessor as the core, the use of A / D converter voltage and current digital multiplication.

The third part: converter also known as voltage - frequency conversion circuit. Since the multiplier outputs an analog (DC voltage), the voltage is measured with a voltmeter (digital meter). The measurement in power units (W or KW) is the power value. Measuring the energy will need to convert the voltage into the corresponding number of pulses, in a period of time the cumulative number of pulses, is to measure the energy.