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Use And Identification Of Electronic Energy Meter

The electronic energy meter is the instrument that records and displays the power condition. The unit of measurement for electrical energy is kilowatt-hours (kWh), 1 kWh is 1 kWh.

Select the electronic energy meter to see the power meter voltage, frequency and current value is applicable. China's voltage is 220V, the frequency of 50Hz energy meter; the user's load current should not be greater than the maximum current meter 80%, not less than the principle of starting the current meter to choose. The load current is calculated as follows: I = load power (W or VA) / 220 (V). Two depends on the installation of the use of the environment.

The meaning of the contents of the electronic energy meter nameplate

The state has strict and scientific management procedures and methods for the product model. The registration body is located in the National Electrotechnical Instrumentation Standardization Technical Committee (

In the nameplate of the energy meter we can see some of the following terms: single-phase, three-phase, active, reactive and so on. The name is also marked with registered models: such as DDS × × ×, the first D is the "energy meter" phonetic prefix, the second D is "single phase" pinyin prefix, S is "static (commonly known as electronic Type "English static prefix. "× × ×" represents the different types of electricity produced by different enterprises. China uses 220V voltage system, the frequency of AC is 50Hz. Should pay special attention to the identification of the current value: such as 5 (20) A refers to the basic current of 5A, the maximum current of 20A. Overloaded electricity is not safe, is a fire hazard. The nameplate is also marked with ① or ② mark, ① on behalf of the energy meter accuracy of 1%, or a table; ② on behalf of the energy meter accuracy of 2%, or 2 table. The nameplate is also marked with the standard code, manufacturer, trademark and factory number.

Single-phase energy meter types

Induction, electronic and electromechanical according to the principle of work points, single-phase energy meter has induction, electronic and electromechanical 3 categories: induction energy meter is the principle of electromagnetic induction voltage, current, phase into magnetic moment, To promote the rotation of the aluminum disc, the disc's shaft (worm) to drive the gear drive the drum of the drum rotation, the process of rotation is the amount of time accumulation process. Therefore, the benefits of induction-type energy meter is intuitive, dynamic continuous, power loss without losing data. Electronic energy meter using analog or digital circuit to get the product of voltage and current vector, and then through the analog or digital circuit to achieve energy metering function. As a result of the application of digital technology, time-sharing power meter, pre-paid energy meter, multi-user power meter, multi-function energy meter have debut, to further meet the scientific electricity, reasonable demand for electricity. Electromechanical energy meter is an induction energy meter as a base table, the principle of the pulse through the electronic circuit to measure the energy meter.

Level 1 and Level 2 tables

According to the accuracy of measuring the power level, the energy meter is generally divided into a table and a table: 1 level that the energy meter error does not exceed ± 1%; 2 that the energy meter error does not exceed ± 2%.

Multi-rate table, prepaid table, multi-user table,

Multi-function table, carrier table and so on

According to the additional function points, energy meter can be divided into the following:

A. Multi-rate watt-hour meter: also known as time-sharing energy meter, complex rate table, commonly known as peak and valley table, is in recent years to meet the needs of peak and valley time-sharing needs of a means of measurement. It can be measured according to the predetermined peak, valley, peacetime, respectively, measuring the peak, low, flat power consumption, so different periods of electricity consumption with different electricity prices, so as to play the role of price regulation, to encourage electricity Customers to adjust the electricity load, shift peak fill the valley, the rational use of power resources, fully tap the hair, for the potential of electrical equipment. Electronic or electromechanical energy meter.

B. pre-paid energy meter: commonly known as card table. With IC card pre-purchase electricity, the IC card into the table can be controlled by the cost of electricity, to prevent arrears of electricity. Electronic or electromechanical energy meter.

C. multi-user power meter: a table for multiple users to use, for each user independent billing, so can save resources, easy to manage the purpose, but also conducive to remote automatic centralized meter reading. Is an electronic energy meter.

D. Multi-function energy meter: set a number of functions in one, is an electronic energy meter.

E. Carrier Watt-hour Meter: the use of power carrier technology for remote automatic centralized meter reading. Is an electronic energy meter.