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Two-way Metering Single Phase Energy Meter - Great Function

Two-way measurement of Single Phase Energy Meter is a technology of crystallization, the first is in its application is very convenient. In the whole body is very small, so when the application is very convenient. The use of a variety of different materials and different colors are very wide, so you can choose according to their different needs, the main general is to include multi-function meter and single-phase watt-hour meter and power meter, and so on different types, in our Usually life better play the effect, the use of more convenient. Appearance above the beautiful, so when the placement also has a very good decorative effect, the general use of this process will have a strong life.

Two-way measurement of Single Phase Energy Meter are used in the most advanced materials, so in the long-term use of the quality of protection. Generally in the process of its accuracy will be more high strength. Using the optocoupler output detection signal, light-emitting diode instructions for electricity, easy to monitor. In the quality is also a great measurement. Long-term use also has corrosion resistance, anti-wear and anti-aging and so on. Including the long-term use of the process also has the function to prevent stealing, this advantage is more helpful to its practical application. In the community above the use of a wide range, many schools, hospitals and so on the region are a wide range of use.

Two-way measurement of Single Phase Energy Meter in the whole design has a very strong practical application function, in the use of the process is also very reliable and stability, with the function to prevent stealing. Using optocoupler output detection signal, light-emitting diodes indicate electricity. Including single-phase electronic meter and single-phase card meter and card prepaid meter, etc. are very durable with the effect. Advanced technology to create the latest domestic energy measurement of new products, including the integrity of its products and the use of performance integrity, improve work efficiency, to ensure that the energy generated by the effective conversion of mechanical energy to the generator, and then converted into Power.

Two-way measurement of Single Phase Energy Meter function is also very complete, in the course of the process can also be better with the overall role. Is a kind of insulation with the equipment, so in the case of supply development is also better to meet the application, there is the rapid development of the communications industry, in the future development of the use of the process will be more. More advantages, in the long-term use can be more in line with the application, the structure of this product size is usually small and relatively uniform, high precision manufacturing requirements. In the application of life is more, long-term use of more effective application of the effect, more convenient.