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Users of electricity standards of instruments and meters

For the "meter" for each resident are familiar, because this is a meter displayed each household electricity consumption vouchers, also let each user know electricity data. Many substations were basically can be used, provided the data is very accurate. Meter is also called electricity measuring instruments, also known as the do meter, kWh is shown, is specialized in using the above instruments. In terms of power it is necessary to install a metering device.
Meter installation is basically a professional electricians install, it is also more secure, general population distribution tables are generally relaxed 1 time, as better able to meet the electricity needs of natural growth over a period of time, in most of the summer and winter of each year. Under normal circumstances the use of a meter's life in 6 years time because the meters to once every six years stipulated by the State inspection, set-up, replace steps, which is to ensure the safety of residents. Different meters and is of course different, dam, reservoir, substations, nuclear power plants and other such places are in need of professional configure metering instruments for professional use, in order to ensure electrical safety.