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Smart meters are the types

The surface refers to the electricity meter in the clearing, remote electricity powered by their own settlement in the background! Local tables, electric power metering based on plan converted to electricity prices, excluding user-stored electricity, when the cost is below the set threshold, rationing! Remote table need to provide communication solution, currently in the single table you can use a method based on low voltage power line carrier communication, Neusoft, Ding, Xiao cheng can provide carrier module! Or every 60 table equipped with a collector, through the RS485 collected information within a table, according to the meter address, user sends an alarm signal to the arrears, pull the switch signal.
 Shanghai Xinmin has done a survey of the media, 80% of Shanghai residents after the smart meter is installed, power surge, some residents also Sun Online was converted to meter before and after a three-month electricity bill: from 61.40 before the refit, to 102 after refit, then to install meter 316.20 Yuan a month later.

In theory, smart meters can lower electricity costs, power consumption is more reasonable. What stymied is that soaring electricity bills?
In General, behind the sudden rise of electricity, smart meters are replaced's shadow. China general installation of smart meters, which led to the growth of electricity is that it is more sensitive, any small electric current will make the meter go around. And China's traditional meters are usually a disc with the power rotation "induction meter" disc is supported by bearings. Over time, ageing bearing friction and increase speed of rotation slows down after paying costs more than actually use less power due to consumption of smart meters can accurately determine, as a result, "the rise in electricity costs." The other hand, smart metering is not can help save on household electricity consumption, it is more like using a precise way to remind consumers always pay attention to electricity consumption, replacing more than meter, as well as a change of power consumption habits, and power companies are not optimistic in this regard has led to residents ' misconceptions about smart meters, also failed to "energy saving" function.