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Single Phase Watt-Hour Meter

Basic Info

  • Display: Digital

  • Usage: Multi-Functional Energy Meter, Watt-Hour Meter, Meter for Industry and Home Use, Standard Electric Energy Meter, Prepayment Meter, Multi-rate Watt-hour Meters

  • Theory: Electronic Meter

  • Measured Signal: Pulse Peak

  • Customized: Customized

  • Class: 1.0 2.0

  • Origin: Prc

  • Installation: Direct Connected

  • Electric Equipment: Single-phase

  • Power Meter Connection: Terminal

  • Type: Energy Meter

  • Frequency: 45Hz-65Hz

  • Rated Voltage(V): 220V 230V

  • HS Code: 9028301900

Product Description

Single remote rate controlled smart meter is an internationally advanced electric energy measuring meter designed, manufactured according to residence actual electric consumption, adopting digital sampling and processing technology and SMT technology and using advanced electric energy measuring special chip.

All components inside the meter are selected by longest life period, high reliability which becomes the features of the meter.

The meter applies to rated voltage 230V, frequency 50Hz single AC active electric energy TOU metering. It can be widely applied to city, countryside, factories and enterprises single AC electric TOU metering.

This meter can be used as home gateway, reading data of residential water and gas meter through wireless M-BUS. Load switch supports manual, local and remote full switch control.


Technical data




1.0  2.0

Rated voltage(V)

220v  230v

Rated current(A)

1.5(6), 10(100)A


12000  1600

Specified working voltage range


Expanded working voltage range


Limited working voltage range


Starting current


Specified working temperature range


limited working temperature range
Limiting temperature of storage and transportation-40oC~+80oC
Natural distribution of 30 days within one year95%
Occasional appear in other days85%
LCD display of energy data0-999999.99Wh/Kvarh.