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One card solution to your electrical problem

Traditional of power table up to of role is records Xia we daily in the of electricity volume and electricity situation, convenient power company of operation personnel records and daily of electricity costs of paid, however with technology of development and technology of progress people in constantly of pursuit with convenient can shortcut, so appeared has single-phase plug card meters, and single-phase IC card prepaid fly meters, and plug card prepaid fee meters and three-phase IC card prepaid fee power table, plug card prepaid costs of power records table, this paragraph meters no longer need artificial of copy table, Very conducive to the modernization of management work, avoiding the manual meter reading to the people of inconvenience and awkward to facilitate customer queries.
Single-phase plug card meters of first buy points Hou electricity of form, convenient has customer of using, using who can the households itself of specific using power for planned of purchase, reduced has because owes fee by caused of late fees and power situation of occurred, reduced has not necessary of expenditure, while Wie power company solution has charges difficult of problem, is good of solution has scattered customer and temporary customer of electricity problem. Energy meter on the LCD display screen to clear and accurate volume of electricity consumption and the use of accurate display, even in dark environments can use the backlight function read.