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Meter – good tools for measuring electricity

Full name of meter is a meter, also known as the meter are instruments used to measure electricity consumption, power plant, community, companies, in different places, just to the place energy meter installed. Now apply to the life meter classifications in use come in many forms: in accordance with purposes is divided into civil, industrial electricity meter according to electrical equipment can be divided into a one-way, three-phase electric energy meter; according to the principle can be divided into mechanical, electronic and mixed meters; according to the connection method can be divided into direct access and indirect access. As technology advances, there has been a smart meters, smart meters are users of IC card power purchase to avoid payments to the power company may at any time the risk of power outages. Electric table is experimental or industrial skills are used to measure the voltage and current is measured in meter, have both written. Meters in using in the should note its installation method and readings method, installation when should according to national of related specification please professionals for installation and for detection Hou to input using; read table to according to different of meters type for read table, intelligent meters only a LCD display, above will directly displayed you by with of power directly read out can, and traditional of meters is has multiplied by 3 or is divided by 3 of read table method. However, no matter what kind of meter, to safeguard against leakage, stop waiting, if there are faults that are not good, contact the professional replacement, with advances in technology, development and intelligent meters after more powerful.