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Line power failure will not affect the accuracy of measurement of three-phase three-wire DIN rail meters

Meters the largest of three-phase three-wire Guide feature is a three-phase power supply, whether it's energy meter in any line or two-line there is a power failure, will not affect the accuracy and precision of measurement. A lot of users in the use of the process in there is a power failure and unable to record and log the error in case of power cut, in order to solve this problem for three-phase three-wire guide-meter special human is equipped with a battery, if there is no power and can have a standby power supply in case of electricity providing rear. In order to meet the different needs of different users, led to a lot of different products like zero-phase rail-meter, three-phase multifunctional rail electricity and rail-type three-phase four-line multifunction meter, from nature, they are the same, but there is a great deal of improvement and development.
Three-phase three-wire guide meter CD LCD LCD display, this screen will clear and accurate power display, it can display up to 7 digits, compared with traditional energy meter for expanding the content of reality. Unique backlit at night and darkness can read the number on the display screen and content. Fault LED alarm security system, when there is a problem when the alarm siren to alert people in the first major security.