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DIN Rail Single Phase Smart Switch with Kwh Meter & Circuit Breaker

Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Installation:Direct Connected

  • Usage:Multi-Functional Energy Meter, Watt-Hour Meter

  • Electric Equipment:Single-phase

  • Theory:Electronic Meter

  • Power Meter Connection:Feed-through Type

  • Measured Signal:Continuous Wave

  • Type:Energy Meter

Product Description


→ Compatible with 35mm standard DIN rail for easy installation, small size, high precision for accurate metering.
→ For single phase alternating voltage 230V, frenquency 50Hz, ideal for household use and similar use in low voltage distribution circuit.
→ Protect terminal electrical equipment from damage by over voltage, under voltage, overload and short circuit.
→ When there is over voltage or under voltage caused by a malfunction in the grid,it can automatically disconnect local circuit from the grid and keep monitoring the grid voltage. When the grid voltage returns to normal, it will automatically re-connect local circuit to the grid.
→ This product was designed with function of protecting overload, over-current.
→ The switch will automatically disconnect local circuit from the grid when 4 occasions of over-voltage and under-voltage happen within 3 minutes in the grid. This switch has to be reconnected to the grid manually when the grid voltage returns to normal.
→ High precision and accurate remote KWh monitoring and measuring, remote locking and unlocking. Data may be collected and uploaded to a cloud service through a collector for remote analysis.