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Common problems analysis and treatment method of meter

Three-phase four-wire table, it should accruing power is its own power with few accumulated the points table, and so it is the basis of charges.
But under normal load, I suddenly found this table that cumulative decline in power, always the cumulative data varied widely. From the appearance point of view not found exception table, turn the dial and measuring devices are working properly. Then check rear wiring is a virtual connection and the table, and no anomalies were found, wiring is correct. But in one line at the end of the active table (b phase voltage line) and found that this line has a very soft (the line is a single strand of plastic hard line), suspected internal metal parts is broken. Carefully check to make sure the circuit is a circuit breaker.
In this way, this table by the cumulative amount of electricity is lost to accumulate as a normal capacity of 1/3. When phase b voltage circuit breaker, accruing power for this table is only a phase and the phase b the power of. Due to the phase b voltage circuit is disconnected this table instead of the current loop, and so does not affect the tables and load of the users with normal use.