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Classification and household electric meter meter buy

When using the meter should take heed, in times of low voltage and low current, measuring meter is connected to the circuit. But in high voltage or high current when the meter to be used with voltage transformer or current transformer. Direct access to the meter, the power consumption of the load values at rated value of more than 10%, or measurements will be incorrect. According to nature connected to the power supply can be divided into DC and AC. Electrical equipment are divided into three-phase Watt-hour meter (three-phase three-wire three-phase and four-wire) and single phase energy meter. Household are single phase energy meter, rated voltage is 220V. Rated working current models are different. According to the principle can be classified into inductive and electronic. Induction Watt-hour production requirements will be higher, you can use a variety of materials. Electronic Watt-hour meter production number is lower than the induction Watt-hour meter, but can see its upward trend soon.
Remember when purchasing meters, is a quality issue, energy meter can be made from a variety of materials, good times, some meters may be cheap, but it also means the material produced can be very bad, so the quality is not very good at very low cost. Also remember when purchasing meters power, how much is to calculate the sum of all electrical power, Watt-hour meter power than of choice add up all the electrical power to a big one.