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Bi-directional measuring single-phase meters--features the great

Bi-directional measurement of single-phase electricity meters in throughout the design with a very powerful practical application functions, is also in the process of with reliability and stability, and has the function of preventing theft of electricity. Using optocoupler output signal LEDs indicating power. Includes card is single phase single phase electronic meters and meters, and card prepaid meters are very durable effect. Advanced technology made the latest energy measurement products, including its product integrity and the integrity of performance, improve work efficiency, promising to produce energy efficiently into mechanical energy to the generator, which is subsequently converted into electrical energy.
Bi-directional metering single phase meter function is also very complete, in use can also better with the overall effect. Is a device with insulating layer, so in the case of supply development and better satisfy, there is, with the rapid development of the communications industry, will be more in the future development process. More advantages, applications can be more in line with long-term use, the size of this product is generally smaller and more uniform, manufacture of high precision. Application is much more in life, long term effects of using more applications, more convenient.