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Advantage and application of DIN rail Watt-hour

Rail mounted power meter is a new generation of tiny smart meter, which is used to 380V/220V terminal lighting systems using the standard DIN35mm rail installation, modular structure design, width and miniature circuit breakers match, can be easily installed within the lighting box.
Meter with LCD display, measuring power and other electrical parameters, clock, tariff interval parameter setting can be carried out, and with electric energy pulse output function. Available RS485 communication interface for data exchange with PC.
Rail mounted power meter is compact, the advantages of high accuracy, high reliability, ease of installation, performance indicators in line with the national standard GB/t 17215, GB/t 17883 and power industry DL/T614 on meter of technical requirements, applicable to government agencies and large Gong Jianzhong for electricity metering, can also be used in enterprises for energy management.