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2017 global smart metering market will exceed 88 billion yuan

According to market research firm reports MarketsandMarkets, global smart metering is expected in 2017 from $12.79 billion ($ 88.05 billion yuan) to 2022 in 19.98 billion dollars (about 137.55 billion yuan), the compound annual growth rate for the period was 9.34%.

Global smart metering are witnessing significant growth, government policies, increased energy efficiency, smart grid deployment, as well as public institutions urgently enhance the promotion of distribution efficiency.

Report, broken down by application, residential area is the largest market for smart meter applications; breakdown by technology, automatic meter reading area will dominate the global market by region, North America's leading provider of smart metering.

Mentioned in the report of the global leading provider of smart metering including, Iraq (United States), Camden Rupp (Denmark), China State Science and technology (China), Honeywell International (USA), Toshiba (Japan). Leading participant is working to expand markets in the developing economies, and are using a variety of strategies to increase market share.