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2 billion yuan Special Fund for Intelligent robot in place instruments enterprises are expected to share

May 16 Day, the forth session of the China robot Summit opens in yuyao, Ningbo, 20 Billion intelligent robots focused on specific fund is in place, the Government will introduce a series of support and guide policy in the future. The instrumentation industry, especially for sensor manufacturers, is opportunity.

Manufacturing robots, sensors are necessary components. Robot vision, force, touch, smell, taste perception of the external environment, such as are provided by the sensors, and sensors can also be used to detect the robot's own work, and intelligent detecting external working environment and object state. And according to certain rules into output signal of a device in order to allow robots to achieve the highest possible sensitivity, in its body structure will be fitted with a wide variety of sensors.

Depending on the detected object robot sensors can be divided into internal sensors and external sensor.

Internal sensors used to detect robots of various internal systems, such as position, velocity, and acceleration of each joint temperature, speed, motor load, battery voltage, and as measured by information feedback to the controller to form a closed loop control.

While the external sensor is used to obtain information about the robot's job objects and environmental information was robot interacts with the surrounding information channel to perform Visual, proximity, touch, force sensor, distance measurement, sound, light, and so on.

Then robots should have what kind of sensor do? It is understood that the robot manufacturing requires at least 6 kinds of sensors, to make it as sensitive as human as possible. 

First is the vision sensor. Machine vision is to make the robot systems with perception, vision sensors analyze images, allow robots to replace human eyes identify objects, measuring and judging, location and so on. The industry pointed out that in China easy to use intelligent visual sensor system of machine vision market 60% market share around. 

Second is there the sensor. Sound sensor acts as a microphone ( the microphone )It used to receive sound waves, vibrations of sound image shown. But you cannot measure the intensity of noise. Acoustic sensor is mainly used to feel and interpret in gas ( non-contact ), a liquid or a solid ( contacts ) in the sound waves. Complexity of the acoustic sensors can range from simple to complex frequency analysis of acoustic detection until natural language pronunciation and vocabulary to identify separately in a row. 

Furthermore is the proximity sensor. Distance sensor for mobile robot with laser rangefinder ( and angle measurement ), sonar sensors, it can be used for robot navigation and avoid the obstacles. 

In addition, tactile sensors is not necessary components. It is primarily used for robot mimics the tactile function of the sensor. Touch are important sensory function when direct contact with the external environment, developed to meet the requirements of tactile sensors is one of the key techniques of robot development.

Finally, along with proximity, slip, and force sensor. Robots to do as a human-like dexterity, vision sensor, sound sensor, slide sensor, speed and Acceleration sensors, 8 kinds of sensors on the robot is extremely important and indispensable. Now is the era of intelligent robots and instruments and meters enterprises and innovative products, quality, rapid growth time. 

(Original title: robot to how many sensors can be as sensitive as human?)